July 16, 2013

Canal Walk

Photos courtesy of Miss T
(Special thanks to Lady S and Miss S)

Top - Zara
Shorts - Aritizia 
Jacket - Unkown (old)
Clutch - Banana Republic
Shoes - Michael Kors
Sunglasses - Coach (borrowed)
Necklace - Kate Spade (Gifted)

As I promised in my earlier post, I've been a good girl during Aritzia sale this summer. But this black leather shorts from Aritizia is def an essential piece you should own. I compared Aritizia leather shorts with Zara ones, Zara ones win on price but Aritzia ones win on style. I prefer this run short-inspired style with relaxed leg open.
I like mixing pieces of different styles in one look. Mama bought me this oriental jacket 12 years ago (YES! 12 YEARS!) in China. I absolutely love it and it proves again that classy piece never goes out of fashion!

Next post will be up very soon - I will post some behind-the-scenes photos. I can't resist to do a seperate post for my team because these girls are so AMAZING and STYLISH. Please look forward to this - It's coming soon!



July 07, 2013

Hello! Mr. Sunshine!

Photos courtesy of Lady S 
(Special thanks to Miss S for her great assistantship)

Top - Aritzia
Skirt - Smartset
Shoes - Coach
Purse - Coach
Sunglasses - Tiffany
Chain Bracelet - Coach
Metallic ring - Smarset

It has been ridiculous hot lately and we finally get to say hello to Mr. Sunshine after a long wait. 
Aritzia is having its summer sale now. I have been smart shopping and spending money wisely since the sale started. I learned my lesson from last year sale - you can find the best deals towards the end of sale.
I love this low armhole, muscle tank because of its super soft jersey material. It's put together with the blue skirt, a feminine piece - is it a hit or a miss?



July 04, 2013

Christmas party in July

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Photos by Miss T

Details of the accessories (photo taken on my iPhone)

denim jacket and dress - Aritzia
Booties - Zara
Wallet clutch - Alexander Mcqueen
Ring - Smartset
Bracelets - Tiffany and Coach

We are long overdue for our 2012 Christmas party.
Nini is so kind to host a party at her place and we finally all got together last Saturday. It was an amazing night, and everyone had so much fun and of course a lot of food.
Although it's July now, it's a belated Christmas party for all of us.

Photo taken on my iphone

I always admire an Asian girl with nice glowy tan. My mama would yelled at me if I ever attempt to do tanning. If you ever heard the song by Katy Perry called "California Gurls" - Miss S is a "California Gurl" with her beautiful sun-kissed skin.



July 03, 2013

Happy Canada Day!


Skort and shoes - Zara
Top - the Bay (old)
Purse/clutch - Rebecca Minkoff
Necklace and Bracelets - Smartset and Joe Fresh
Ball necklace, Leaf Ring and Sunglasses - Coach
Watch - Michael Kors
Sorry for the iPhone pictures - I promise for a new camera or having Miss T for my next blog pictures.
To all my Canadian friends, Happy Canada Day!
I have been thinking what to wear for tonight during the whole day at work (yes! someone like me has to work on Canada Day.... ) I bought the Zara skort and shoes just a few days ago without thinking of Canada Day outfit at all because I am not sure if Dr. H wants to come out to celebrate.  Now I am super happy that they are put in a good use. I have to dig my closet HARD to find this red top which I bought a few years ago at the Bay - I seem only think of it on Canada Day every year. 
Weather has been crappy lately - humid, overcast and hot! 
I have been re-discovering Zara in the past 2 weeks and made a few purchase online. Surprisingly most of my purchase fit me well. Zara has weird fitting - even the same sizes of similar items fit very differently. You have to make sure to try on every piece before you buy (unless you don't mind going back to return like me). 
What's your best score at Zara?



July 02, 2013

A little note to start.....

Finally I am here. I have  a lot to say but don't know where I should begin.
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart - Miss Shayna, Miss Sarah, Miss Sherley, Miss Thalia, Miss Nini and Miss Trang-Nha. My life would be completely different and dull without all of you.
I have my little fear of being in front of camera and public - it was you who always believe in me and have been unconditionally supporting me.
I start this blog as a lookbook of my daily outfit - what I wore is the way to say who I am.